Stressed Brenda Eunice terribly cuts weight

Stressed Brenda Eunice terribly cuts weight

Denmark based Ugandan Investigative scribe, Brenda Eunice Mukiibi has shockingly and terribly cut weight, we can confirm.

Latest pictures our desk show that the once sexy sizzling Brenda looks stressed and starved with suspected several negative issues running into her head and this could be the reason why she has worryingly  lost weight.

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Brenda has totally reduced her weight

Sources say Brenda who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Journalism from Roskilde University Denmark is not doing well as she no longer has time to go out and have that total fun she used to.

Other sources also say when the news leaked that Brenda was seeing one Danish moneybags who has been funding her lavish party style and holidays dumped her after finding out he was being used.

She feels cheated because she loves partying like no any other but books can’t allow her and the funder is gone so she is truly troubled…

This was further confirmed by her Facebook status update where she stated that she has lost three kilograms in less than two months “I have lost 3 Kgs in a period of less than 2 months with normal eating of homemade and fast foods. What triggers body weight loss,” Eunice posted.

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