Ssemanda’s disappearance worries Family

Ssemanda’s disappearance worries Family

There is growing fear from the family of Mr Ian Paul Ssemanda whose his whereabouts are not clear. Ian was forcefully removed from his vehicle at outside anti-corruption court on Monday 4th June 2018 by ISO operatives in broad day light.

Ian is an employee of Sites Tour and Travel with officers me at Serena Hotel Kampala.

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Previously Ian was kidnapped by the same operatives three weeks ago from the parking lot of Kampala Serena hotel still in broad light when security staff at Serena was watching. He was threatened with violence if he tried to resist.

Ssemanda before he was kidnapped

“These people didn’t have any arrest warrant and didn’t explain to him why he was being arrested. They threw him in a Toyota Prado and drove him all around the city while loading and unloading bullets from their guns and asking about particular individual names which we can’t disclose now for security reasons,” a family said.

After driving him around town for over an hour they took him to the parking lot of created towers and handed him over to a Toyota pickup truck of URA who then drove him to Nakawa headquarters. They questioned him about containers and information related to importation which he clearly told them he has no idea since he is a finance officer at Sites Tour and Travel. They later drove him to CPS and locked him up for 3 days then after took him to court and charged him with falsifying customs documents of some containers.

He was later released on bail by the Anti-Corruption Court in Kololo.

Ian had gone to appear for the hearing of his case on Monday 4th June 2018 when the same ISO guys roughed him up and drove him away till today he is nowhere to be seen.

“URA and ISO must explain and account for his whereabouts and also tell the family the real issue behind their actions. URA used the same guys before to arrest him from Serena so they must be in the know of what happened to him and where he is being kept that’s if he is still alive,” a family source said.

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