Spice Diana trolled by fans over Pants down Challenge

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Singer Spice Diana thought she would initiate a challenge and trend but it has backfired.
The singer was bashed by most of her fans when she posted her pictures dropping pants and put words, “pants down challenge #Empalewansi . If you are in love with #JanguOndabeRmx..https://youtu.be/nB2tqWRLQnA”.
The post didn’t go down well with a large section of her followers who threatened to unfollow her if she doesn’t work on the way she behaves. Below are some of the comments;
This is Not good at all please😡😡 yuh know i support yuh,i love ur music and i play it so many times but this is so embarrasing try to respect yourself,, you gonna spoil the young generation! Think about the future kids who sidung a dem yard and a watch yuh
We can see how you want to kill your fun base. Why publish your good self in such a manner!!!!

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