Something Of My Life- Juliana and The Ganda boys

Something Of My Life- Juliana and The Ganda boys

After so much speculation by Ugandans that the songstress might not be able to sing again, Juliana graced our airwaves with her beautiful voice. This song is very deep. The whole lyrics, the instrumental and tone in the voice take one to a place far from this world.Juliana with The Ganda BoysJuliana with The Ganda Boys

“Something of my life” is a song about overcoming obstacles that life that we create in our lives or those that come. It’s a very inspiration piece. It encourages people to keep their hearts together and keep on in pursuit for their dreams. The message is backed up by very well documented instrumentals. They are almost as strong as the main vocalist but instead blend in with her voice to add up to the beautiful piece it is.

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The “Ganda boys” do the back up on this one. I must commend them on the perfection they have made with their new sound. In this particular song, they are a foil. They bring the song back to Uganda by using ‘Luganda’ to echo Juliana’s English. It generally gives the song strength. They have surely found themselves.

This is an all new venture that Juliana has taken with her music. Of course she has had some jazz based songs but this acoustic kind of sound is new; and I must say it suits her. Her vocal range in this one is amazing. She hits very surprising notes in this song. Juliana has always had a gift of arousing feelings in us through her voice. She sings with as much emotion that she wants us to feel. And this, she achieves!
It is our duty as fans, not only to listen to this music but also to promote it by listening to it and sharing it. The only way Ugandan music can go places is if we tell a friend to tell a friend. We need to create a strong network of positively affecting Ugandan music to take it to another level. Go and look up this song share it. Enjoy!

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