Meet Uganda’s Fast Rising Young Female DJ

Meet Uganda’s Fast Rising Young Female DJ

We tracked down Uganda’s fast rising young female DJ to tell us about her love for entertainment and life. Read on….


SB: Who is DJ Shiella?
Shiella: Well my real name is Atusasiire Shiella. Well…I am a female DJ who loves what she does; with a touch of great music that makes it amazing and loveable.
I was born in Ntungamo on 16th March 1994. I went to City Parents School for my primary level and ended up in Sir Apollo Kaggwa (Old Kampala) for my final year of p.7. I later joined Gombe S.S for my O’level and then joined Kisubi High School (Entebbe Road) for my A ‘level. And now am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Media Management at Cavendish University Uganda.

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SB: How do you find Deejaying?
DJ Shiella: It’s fun and interesting and I find it incredible.

SB: Who inspired you to do it?
DJ Shiella: Basically my big sister knew it from day one that I loved music. So when I was in my S.6 vacation she bought up the idea that I should do something based on music and there it was. I joined a
deejay academy and then my journey began from there..!! My greatest inspiration was and is my big sister Sharon Kamusiime.


SB: How do you manage in this male dominated career?
DJ Shiella: Well it’s hard to come by because most people look at females as being weak and not able.
And in most cases they have little belief in us yet in actual sense when we start playing; it’s then a different case.

SB: Which places have u worked for so far?
DJ Shiella: I have worked at V- Pub (Forest mall), Club Venom, and Mirinda Miss Teens Grand finale earlier this year, Punch line (Kabalagala), and I have also worked at a few ceremonies here and there.


SB: What’s your dream?
DJ Shiella: I have always dreamt of presenting on radio.

SB: So where do you expect yourself in five years from now?
DJ Shiella: I suppose to be a successful DJ and want to work on radio.

SB: Your favorite dish, dj, musician, song, hangout and dream holiday destination?
DJ Shiella: My favorite dish is rice and liver plus Irish potatoes, my favorite DJ is any DJ that can play songs right and has a good set no matter what kind of genre it is. My favorite hang out is the beach,
my favorite musician is basically everyone because as a DJ, it would be unethical for me to rule out one particular artist, and dream holiday destination would be a specious island far away from home.


SB: What do you think of entertainment industry in Uganda, do you think DJs are unsung heroes?
DJ Shiella: I will say to a certain percentage yes. I mean a DJ is what makes any hangout place interesting (The likes of a bar, night club and the lounges). As a friend once told me, DJs are like chiefs, they all use the same ingredients but then the way they serve it is what differs. So it’s very important to give DJs some credit for making a musician what he/she is at some point in their lives.

SB: So what message do you have for the young generation who wants to join Deejaying?
DJ Shiella: Well…What I can say is that believe in yourself. No matter what gender you are. There is nothing impossible. What you think a man can do best; can be quite the opposite as a woman can do it even better.


SB: And last message to your fans
DJ Shiella: I wants say thank you to everyone that believes in me and that I love them all for they are what keeps me going and they keep me strong.

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