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SK Mbuga imports expensive bike

Big bikes have always been a dream for most men, especially those who love the open road and riding like there is no tomorrow. Tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga fresh from marrying Angella Vivienne Jalia Mbuga last month has joined the bike riders by buying a brand new bike worth millions of shillings.


The tycoon famous for his posh cars including Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Range Rover Sports, Jeep to mention but a few has decided to experience the comfort of bike. It’s not the usual bike that you see on Kampala streets but it’s like that owned by American superstar rapper P. Diddy. The tycoon is these days seen cruising the expensive machine.


Meanwhile the tycoon has called on the general public to come in big numbers at Hijab and Kanzu red carpet experience slated for tonight at Hotel Africana.
“Brothers and sisters let’s all be there at Hijab and Kanzu red carpet experience at hotel Africana,” SK Mbuga posted.


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