Singh Katongole scores 13 points in A-level Exams

Singh Katongole scores 13 points in A-level Exams

Former Rubaga legislator Singh Katongole Perminder who lost his  seat because of unsuspecting academic papers has fully settled the matter. He was among hundreds of thousands of parents/students who on Tuesday waited anxiously for UACE results of their children.

Singh’s results

Singh’s academic credentials were contested in 2105 and subsequently barred by Court from competing for Rubaga North seat has performed to his expectations by scoring 13 points in the just released A-level results.

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Showbiz Uganda obtained Singh’s results in which he scored 13 points including two principal passes making him eligible to enroll for any tertiary institution in Uganda as well as enabling him to contest for a parliamentary seat without sweat.

Under the index number U1588/531, he sat the exams at Golden Secondary School in Lungujja, a Kampala suburb.

Singh Perminder Marwaha scored credit 6 (1 point) in general paper, obtained B (5 points) in history, Kiswahili- E (2 points), SMA 5 and got C (4 points) in Art.

According to UNEB rankings, Singh’s result code is 5.

“I was stopped from contesting because my academic documents were lacking but now let’s see what they will say,” he bragged.

Singh said he sat for senior six in 1987 at City High School in Kampala and failed because the education system at that time had been destabilised by the NRA/M war. Congrats ‘mwana’ Singh

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