Shumuk issues a second document with the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe’s alleged signature and office stamp, in an attempt to arrest Angella Katatumba

On March 13th 2019, Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk opened a criminal case, REF: CID/SID/INV/17/vol.1/61 at Kireka Police Station, claiming that Angella Katatumba had issued him a false check of 17 Million UGX, dated May 23rd 2015. Enclosed in Shumuk’s complaint, was another alleged forgery claiming that he, Shumuk, had given H.E Prof. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, before he passed away, a loan of 17M, of which Angella Katatumba issued Shumuk a cheque as security.

According to Shumuk, this transaction also, like the supposed handover of Hotel Diplomaté, happened in the Chief Justice (CJ) Bart Katureebe’s office and was witnessed and signed, by H.E Prof. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, his family, as well as the Chief Justice, who even went ahead to stamp the document.

When we contacted Angella Katatumba for a comment, she vehemently denied ever issuing Shumuk any cheque. She said has never personally had any transaction with Shumuk. She also said that, the new document and the so-called cheque that Shumuk has uttered at police and all over the place, supppsedly in the presence of her family and the Chief Justice is yet another forgery done by Shumuk.

Angella stated that Cheque issuing and so-called meeting has never taken place. “Forging documents is what Shumuk specialises in, to steal people’s properties. My father’s whole case against Shumuk was drowned by forged documents made and uttered in Courts by Shumuk. We are so grateful that, The Honourable Justice Peter Henry Adonyo, saw through Shumuk’s forgeries and fraudulent behaviour and ruled in my Fathers favour. Shumuk is now doing the very same thing with me”.

We are reliably informed that the Katatumba family, the office of the Chief Justice and even the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe have all once again, strongly denied such a transaction ever taking place. They are all, also seriously questioning the level of desperation and sanity of Shumuk and his actions.
It seems the tables are yet to turn on Shumuk in his own case.

Meanwhile, Shumuk is presently out on bail, as he faces charges in Buganda Road Court of 13 counts of forgery and uttering false documents in Makindye court, in a failed attempt to take possession of Hotel Diplomaté.

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