Sheebah Karungi strips to promote her music

If you’ve ever wondered why Sheebah Karungi strips every time she releases a new song then her is why.

Social media has quickly become the hottest place online for the most singers in the world to strut their stuff and push their new music up. Whether it’s on the beach or in bed, these female singers know how to get your attention and hold it.


Sheebah has been involved in various states of undress in order to promote her music. I think you’ll agree with me she is dedicated to her cause. She loves to show off what she’s got and her followers are not complaining thereby running to her music.

Sheebah premiering her Nkwatako video last night
Sheebah premiering her Nkwatako video last night

The full body is on display. Nowhere to hide any imperfections. Let alone a pair of headlights desperately excited to be seen behind sweaters and bikinis. Keep it up Sheebah and ‘Nkwatako’ please!

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