Winnie Nwagi takes charge of Ugandan music industry

Two years ago her name was nowhere near stardom but as you read this, Winnie Nwagi is the most thought after Ugandan singer. Her rise to music stardom has been attributed to her hard work and social status.


Every hit she puts out becomes a chart topping song and her latest singles ‘Musawo’ and ‘Kibulamu’ are taking far away from the likes of Irene Ntale, Rema and the already established stars.  Sources say the bookings she already has this year, no any other artiste has them at the moment.


She takes no pride in her and knows what is she up to and we hope she keeps the fire burning. Here are some of the comments from her fans;

Yahu Yahya: First, it was Mariam Ndagire, Iryn Namubiru & Juliana, then Sheebah & Ntale and now; “The only one, the incredible, Winnie Nwagi…..Eeeeeh, Wama use your time well. Work for money and invest well kubanga time may come nga there’s someone else. Ate bana ug obamayi. But thnx for your lovely songs and voice. And the body……..huhuhuhuh….Eeeeh Oba how do u d

Coulson Sanchez-Ozil George: i cant stop watching, listening and dancing to MUSAWO hit….t moves n makes ma day…Love u Winnie…..ts a great piece of Music. i wl always look out for yo upcoming hits

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