Sharon Mutesi’s gorgeous little bikini out

Sharon Mutesi’s gorgeous little bikini out

Slay Queen Sharon Mutesi has one of those names that, when you say it out loud, it sounds like you’re mispronouncing something in another language.

Whether you’ve got a New York accent, a Midwest accent, a Southern accent, or standard Mid-American one, it’s a name that sounds like you’re butchering the actual name of something else.

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While I may not be big on her name, I can’t deny that Sharon here has an amazing rack. I mean, damn, that’s a great pair, and she knows how to pick out a bikini that nicely accentuates what are, arguably, her best assets.

I’m glad that Sharon is stepping out and showing off her spectacular breasts. I wouldn’t mind hitting up a Kampala discotheque with her, that’s for sure!

Sharon Mutesi runs the famous Mama Tendo (The Chased) on Facebook.

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