Search for Kira’s most talented footballers campaign attracts thousands of youth as effort to Kira Young FC heats up

Thousands of youths today participated in the search for Kira’s most talented footballers during the campaign of restoring and rebuilding Kira Young FC at Kira.
Businessman cum politician Jimmy Lukwago, the brain behind Kira Young FC has been hailed for the love he has shown to the youths of Kira Municipality.
“I thank you personally for being a well-wisher. May God Reward you abundantly. And what i have seen, the youths have trust and hope in you Mr. Jimmy Lukwago and that’s why they  turned up in large numbers, keep the spirit of supporting sports and the youths,” an excited Youth said.
Jimmy Lukwago contested for the Kira Municipality Parliamentary seat in 2021 General elections on NUP ticket but lost out on FDC’s Ssemujju Nganda but all is not lost for Jimmy as 2026 is around the corner. Watch the space!!

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