Sanyuka TV returns to the StarTimes Nova Bouquet

Recently, on 16th March 2020, StarTimes and Sanyuka TV made an official announcement that Sanyuka TV was returning to the Nova Bouquet on the StarTimes platform.

Two years ago, StarTimes made a big investment in Ugandan football and talent when the company bought the broadcast rights of Uganda’s topflight football league, creating the StarTimes Uganda Premier League (SUPL)which airs on Sanyuka TV.

Desire Mugumisa (PRO-Next Media), Greg Busolo (Operations Manager) and Cleopatra Koheirwe (PR Manager -StarTimes)

The main objective was to bring the beautiful Ugandan game closer to the Ugandan audiences, but, on 1st February 2020, Sanyuka TV was moved from the Nova Bouquet to the Basic Bouquet.

During the press conference, Cleopatra Koheirwe the PR Manager at StarTimes said, “Our customers’ sentiments matter to us. We want to maintain the progress we had and keep the momentum going by ensuring that all Ugandans watch local football at an affordable price. The only way we can achieve this original objective of ours is by keeping Sanyuka TV, the local channel on which the games air, on the most affordable StarTimes bouquet – Nova. Channels change all the time but if the change affects our customers besides other factors, then we have to re-strategize and that’s what we collectively did.


Greg Busolo, the Operations Manager at Sanyuka TV added, “So far we have aired 69 games of the StarTimes Uganda Premier League and we plan to show more once the league resumes in May. We really appreciate the support the viewers have shown us. We want everyone to be able to watch the games hence the move back to Nova. Besides football, they get to watch other interesting shows like: Uncut, Big Deal, Music Taxi among others.”

Sanyuka TV is one of the Top 3 rated channels on the StarTimes platform. As Africa’s most influential digital TV operator, StarTimes commits to continue providing you all with the most affordable quality digital TV options.

Cleopatra also revealed that, “Since Easter and Ramadhan are upon us, we have discounted the decoder for Antenna users, and it is now at Ugx 49,000 only. We also have more content. Firstly, the Fox Channels are back! Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, ESPN, Foxlife and Fox are on for you, plus Nina Telenovela – a new channel for Telemundo fans, The General’s Daughter – a new TV series premiering on 25th March 2020 on Novela E Plus and more. So besides Sanyuka TV, there is a lot to enjoy on StarTimes. Renew your subscription or download the StarTimes ON App onto your smart phone.”


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