Profiling Kabareebe Models for Charity Organisation

Profiling Kabareebe Models for Charity Organisation

Kabareebe Models for Charity is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO), which aims at improving the livelihood of the people in rural communities through supporting women groups, Orphanages, rehabilitation centers and so many other groups in slums and rural areas in Uganda.

They are an operational NGO, meaning we plan and carry out boots on the ground projects to accomplish our objectives which require a great deal of careful planning, communication and local involvement for each project.

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It is our hearts’ desire to attain extra support from all entities to contribute towards the little ones plus their mothers for a better future generation. All resources raised will be supporting our project.

Why Kabareebe Models for Charity?

Their Goal

To provide care and support to orphans and vulnerable children by facilitating education, good nutrition. Counseling, healthcare, income generating activities.
The increased illiteracy, street kids, disillusionment and poor living standards in rural and slum areas plus families of Teenage mothers and Single mothers who are at times abandoned by their supposed to be husbands.

Their Mission

To enhance the capacities and capabilities of rural women groups, to develop and implement programs aimed at improving the standards of living of their communities through sustainable use of the environment and the available resources.

Our Objectives

» To initiate the community to advocate
for girls to have access to education and increase the enrollment of female students in school.
» To empower teenage and single mothers & enable them to be actively involved in development activities equally as men do to meet the countries developmental Goals.

» To increase awareness of the community about HIV/AIDS so as to bring behavioral change.

Their Works

» Promoting the right and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do.
» Supporting School outreach programs for children in the community schools we reach out.
» Focus on reaching out to the most hurting communities devastated by HIV/AIDS and poverty.
» Through community outreach, we empower various hurting communities in the slum and rural areas of Uganda.

 “A call for mobilizing extra support to ease the burden, and improve the quality of life of orphans”
Inadequate resources: Caring for orphans is quite costly for guardians and the community at large, the number of orphans has largely grown over-stretching the communities’ limited resources and therefore calls for mobilizing extra support to ease the burden, if the quality of life of these orphans has to improve.
The orphans like other children need education, good health, good nutrition plus other basic foods.

Guardians need to be supported in meeting these needs as well as to be empowered to grow enough food to feed the orphans they are supporting and to engage in small trade to generate income.

About Our Chief Executive Officer

Doreen Kabareebe

She studied a Degree-Nkumba University (Bachelors Degree In Public Administration And Management)
Masters-Nkumba University (Masters Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy)
A philanthropist who has done a variety of modeling work from
a detailed oriented shoot with different companies, for example, The Oriflame Swedish cosmetics company to more conventional commercial and editorial shoots.
Walked at the UAE debut fashion gala, Prestige Style Fashion UAE and has also worked with Heavenly reflection spearheaded
by American top model Kimberley Carey. She is also working With American Photographer Corey D’ron, therefore, boasting of pretty enviable work experience.
Award winner of the Abryanz very first fashion awards under the category of the most outstanding female model. She is best known for her charitable works under her Non-Government Organization by the Name Kabareebe Models for Charity where different products branded with her Organization’s Logo are sold to raise funds for the needy.
Due to her heart of empathy, she is employing youths to sell her items for charity so they can get something from it as well since we have a high level of unemployment in Africa. Items are sold all over the world. We believe we will reach everywhere.

Email: Phone: +256 700 803 733
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