Planned Excavation and Traffic Diversion along Entebbe Road from 23rd August to 9th September 2018

Planned Excavation and Traffic Diversion along Entebbe Road from 23rd August to 9th September 2018

Government of Uganda is building new sewer lines for the growing population of Kampala City. NWSC has accordingly contracted Sogea Satom to excavate and lay sewer lines between Clock Tower and Shoprite Road from 23rd August to 9th September, 2018.
During this period, some sections of the road will be closed to motorists and traffic will be diverted to alternative routes. The excavation will be done in two phases to allow proper traffic management and minimize traffic disruptions.

Phase I – Goods Shed 

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The excavation will be done along Entebbe Road at Good Shed opposite Shell Entebbe Road and at Good Shed near Seroma opposite Fire Brigade from 23rd August, 2018 to 31st August, 2018.

During the excavation, vehicles coming from Entebbe Traffic lights to Clock Tower will use a temporary road via Goods Shed and will exit at Seroma near Clock Tower.

Traffic coming from Entebbe Road Traffic lights that intends to proceed to Biwologoma will follow the diversion and turn from Kafumbe Mukasa via clock tower.

Ben Kiwanuka Street will be closed at Shoprite near Total Ben Kiwanuka and traffic will be diverted towards Namirembe Road via Nakivubo Place Road.

Vehicles from Katwe Wansi/Nsambya to the city centre will have normal traffic flow.

Phase II – Entebbe Road at Shell Entebbe Road

The excavation will be done at Shell Entebbe Road from 1st to 9th September, 2018.

Entebbe road will be closed at Shell Petrol Station.

Motorists will be diverted to Sikh Road via Synai Bin Road and join Entebbe Road.

Vehicles from Katwe Wansi, Nsambya to the City Centre will use Mukwano Road, Nakivubo Place Road and Sikh Road (between Shoprite and Shell Entebbe Road).

The diversion at Good shed to Clock Tower will be maintained until the completion of the work

Motorists that use Entebbe Road are advised to use alternative routes to access their destinations to avoid delays.

NWSC is working jointly with Uganda Police and Kampala City Authority to ensure that the sewer works and traffic diversion are managed with minimum inconvenience. Any inconveniences are regretted.

NWSC is committed to water for all for delighted customers by a delighted workforce.
Report any leaks or bursts and any water and sewerage related problems to us through our toll free lines 0800 200 977/ 0800 300 977.
We can also be reached on twitter at @nwsug and @nwscmd and on facebook at www.facebook/waterug

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