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Pictorial: Today’s Social Media picks as celebrities, singers and personalities unleash their poses

Social Media is the place for posting pictures and what is on your mind, today we bring you some of the pictures shared on social media platforms by different personalities.

Juliet Zawedde
She is a regular queen when it comes to slaying and today she rocked us in a Gomesi, the traditional Kiganda dress.

Mwaj Ahmed
She is a true fashionista who is never afraid of slaying every time she steps out and when inside her house.
Desire Luzinda

We miss her on the streets of Kampala but the diva is not forgotten. She still can rock.

Vanessa Jontanna
She is one lady who is soon taking over Kampala as the queen of social scene. She has also launched her singing career by the way with a song titled ‘Tolabisa’. Watch the space!!!
Argatha Loswash
Television star is back to our pages and we hope she will also be back on the screen for her Pundonor Magazine on NBS Television soon.
Brenda Nampiima 

Call her the most curvy babe on the social scene in Kampala at the moment. She is surely rocking us these days.

Justine Nameere
She is warming herself to slay in Parliament next year. She will surely be a styled up MP once she succeeds.

Radio personality is surely not disappointing us these days. She is rocking!!!

Judith Heard 
The queen is back to where she has always belonged. Rocking on the social scene and this shows she is not about to give up.

Jenny Nasasira 
This stunning media personality and commercial model is one person who loves rocking through slaying.
Umutesi Denise 
This Rwanda beauty queen is also been rocking Instagram these days. She looks stunning.
Alicia Bosschic 
She loves slaying and it’s her hobby now. Alicia  is not afraid to slay and rock social media all the time.

Eleanor Nabwisho
Actress has also appeared on our page today, we spotted her Instagram too.
Spice Diana
She is celebrating the release of her new song ‘Kwata Wano’ video. Today she looked stunning promoting the song.
Dianah Nabatanzi 

As she headed for her Kiritya show, the star presenter decided to slay for us and posted this picture on her social media handles.

Lynda Ddane 
The television star can’t stop rocking us. She is a total slayer when it comes to being in front of the camera.

Natasha Sinayobye
Actress and social media influencer also knows how to keep her game up there on the showbiz arena.
Naira Ali 
She is slowly getting back to her slaying days. Naira has been consistent these days.
Chiko and Madrat
The two funny men joined media personality Flavia Namulindwa to slay for the day.
Anita Fabiola 
She is no doubt a top slayer and on such a list, she rarely misses out.
Sheilah Parker 
Do we need to introduce this to you, no we don’t and she has always been there to slay.
Cindy Sanyu 
The King herself decided to slay with rapper Ruyonga and here we go.
 Mrs Bainomugisha 
She is a queen at slaying. She is one of the members of Traveling Girlfriends and for them when it comes to photos, they give you the best.
Kamene Goro 
The Kenyan radio personality is one stunning babe who also knows how to play the showbiz game. She is here too.
Chanty Lixy
Hi-Tech Family Studio boss is surely looking dazzling and beautiful. She has been rocking us for the last few days. Her photo studio is in Wandegeya and if you slaying pictures, you can use.
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