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Pictorial: Dazzling social media photos unleashed

As the weekend sets in, our fashionistas, slay queens, individuals and celebrities unleashed their mesmerizing poses and optically fed their followers.
Fashionistas Mwaj Ahmed and Debie Kagisha lead our today’s pack with some stunning photos.
Tanzanian star actress and model Nelly Kamwelu also rocked us. Judith Heard and Juliet Zawedde are some of the days queens.
Upcoming model Gloriah Tashkim also unleashed her smashing poses. Below is the full list;
Debie Kagisha, Gloriah Tashkim, Juliet Zawedde, Judith Heard, Judithiana, Efrance Nakitto, Mwaj Ahmed, Nelly Kamwelu, Argatha Loswash, Lisa Mandy, Farshee, Iryn Namubiru, Naba Weber, Doreen Kabareebe, Brenda Nampiima, Olivia Kentie, Keza Terisky, Anna Sofie, Linda Lisah, Douglas Lwanga, Vivian Mbuga, Kaycey Berry, Gloria Kebirungi.

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