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Photos: Bryan White Foundation embarks on reforming notorious Arua youth gangs

Fight against poverty activist Bryan White through his Bryan White Foundation has embarked on reforming notorious Arua Youth Gangs into good citizens.

The on form activist who is so far having a fruitful campaign of restructuring the youths in Arua hosted the gangs to a feast on Wednesday at Inzikuru Stadium and started to formulate a way forward for them.

He called on them to embark on productive work than getting involved in dangerous activities of the being criminal activities engine. He gathered different youth groups and feasted with them.

After his successful rally he stated “It was a productive day as we gathered groups of youths from Arua town for a feast to create conducive atmosphere for them to kick start income generating activities. We feasted with them the whole day. The youths we are gathered were from gangs that have been causing havoc in the town. We have dedicated this week to them and we shall from today sit with their leaders who will present to us proposals for the projects they want to start with. The foundation is honored to have gathered such a large number of youths for the full day. We climaxed the event at Inzikuru stadium with great fireworks display”

Bryan White is still in the region where he is preaching his foundation gospel to help Ugandans fight poverty.

Through their leaders, the youth groups will under training so as to reform into better citizens. Through his Bryan White Fund, he is set to fund their projects.

Meanwhile because of his positive message, one of the gang Super Hilton Boys has awarded him with a belt to recognize him as a champion.



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