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Photos: A big thank you as Fortebet Appreciates Lira customers

Work almost came to a standstill in Lira town as Fortebet flooded its customers with great gifts over the weekend. The gifts were given out in all the four Fortebet branches which include Lira Main, Lira Dillane House, Lira and Lira Teso Centre.

Lira branch manager, Bonny Opio handing over a jersey, cap, wristband and a pen to one of the biggest bettors in Lira

Over 120 customers that were found at the respective branches received at least a gift that Fortebet took to them, which included; Fortebet: pens, wristbands, caps, T-shirts and European teams’ jerseys. “We do this every weekend. This weekend, we promised to appreciate our customers in Lira and we now doing exactly that,” said John Nanyumba, Fortebet Media manager, while handing over gifts to Fortebet customers at Lira Main branch.

Five customers walked away with T-shirts at Lira Teso branch

He added, “We do not conduct any draw for someone to get these gifts. One just needs to show evidence that he bets with us and we give him/her what he deserves to get. Lira Branch manager, Bonny Opio handed over a jersey, a cap, a pen and a wristband to one of the big bettors (user names Olanya B and Oulanya C) at the branch.

Caps winners at Lira Teso branch

Fortebet did not only give out gifts to bettors but also traced for where young football talents were and gave them footballs. “You are aware that Fortebet has been very instrumental in promoting and supporting Uganda’s football industry. We are 100% committed to supporting the growth of young talents. That is why we give out these balls,” said Nanyumba.

Lira Dillane House branch manager, Tawufigue Siraji Mwenyi handing one of the balls to to kids at Lira P.7 play ground

Lira Dillane House branch manager, Tawufigue Siraji Mwenyi handed over the balls to kids at Lira P.7 play ground.

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