Painters tipped on good conduct

Painters tipped on good conduct

Did you know that there is such a thing as etiquette for Painters and Masons?  Well, neither did we until we attended a Painter’s workshop held in Hoima town on Thursday.

Have you ever had a painter in your house so nosy they joined in on your “kabozi”? Well, they are crossing the line. How about one that gets too comfortable and sits down to watch a TV program you are enjoying? They shouldn’t be doing that either. Some are even bold enough to open your fridge and pour themselves a drink. Well, that’s unacceptable too. And mind you, your house help might not be safe to the advances of a wanton painter. If you have ever encountered such a painter,Chances are, you will not be inviting then for another job next time.

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Plascon is going around the country sensitizing painters on proper conduct while on duty. The move to sensitize painters is a way by Plascon to ensure that the people who are instrumental in the enjoyment of their product conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Plascon recently announced the acquisition of Sadolin Paints East Africa and currently command 60% of the Paint market in Uganda.

The training also introduced these painters to the latest trends and colour technology. The painters received certificates and some lucky ones walked away with mobile phones and other gifts in a draw that was held at the end of the training.

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