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Official launch of the Hope Hub

I would have called this the only hub that seems to have skipped baby steps into adulthood, It’s just that Babies do have to sit before they crawl, walk, run and jump so if at this time it feels like it’s at its epitome you can only imagine what kind of stock it has in its future.

There is a harbour of Hope in Kisenyi called the Hope Hub headed by phenomenal lady Ms Aisha Ali under the I profile Foundation! It was set up to help and empower the Somali community and later the community wholly to teach them the English language and various affordable energy expending, income generating skills to enhance their Social-economic survival skills. It has was launched on Wednesday 7th November, 2018 and with what was exhibited so far one could think it was a ten year celebration. It has about 150/200 students who are picking up so fast… And are more than excited to have this in their community. Can’t wait to have more of what the First and only Hope Hub in Uganda has because even enough won’t be enough.

Hope Hub is a Us embassy Uganda Mission Supposed project that is aimed at providing the refugees that come to Uganda with the skill set they require to start a life and sustain a livelihood in Uganda. The refugees who become students at the centre get trained in the different labs. The labs include English class which enable the students communicate and get around, Knitting lab which skills them in sewing and tailoring, photography Lab that teaches students to capture the world around them, Craft studio Lab which teaches the students to make art and craft for sale, Make up and henna Lab that teach the students how to make a living from creating beauty, cookery class that teaches the students to make and sale both their home and Ugandan cuisines.

The Hope hub is not only skilling but giving the refugees lives a meaning as they come into Uganda with the hub passing out more students Uganda can surely start to have a contribution from the refugees it has played host to.

Great thanks to the United States of American Embassy in Uganda for their support towards this noble cause.

For More information contact Pison Public Relation 0777720058 / 0758885637.

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