NWSC warns of Fraud on Social Media

The Management of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) would like to warn its customers and the general public that there are unscrupulous people running a fake web page purporting to give gift vouchers to NWSC customers.
These are fraudsters seeking to cheat customers.
NWSC would like to clarify as follows;
1. That it is not running any web-based gift lottery
2. The Web page purporting to give gifts to customers does not belong to NWSC
3. Dont be cheated! NWSC only communicates to its customers through official NWSC channels.
Report any fraudulent message purporting to run a gift lottery on behalf of NWSC to the Police Station nearest to you or contact NWSC on 0800200977/0800300977 OR our Social Media Handles:
Twitter: @nwscug
Facebook; waterug
Instagram; @nwscug

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