NWSC to permanently  fix Gulu water issues as works are ongoing

NWSC to permanently  fix Gulu water issues as works are ongoing

Gulu City has frequently been experiencing intermittent water supply due to the unreliability of the primary source of its water – the Oyitino dam.

With the anticipated increase in demand in the Gulu water supply area with the acquisition of city status, the capacity of the Oyitino dam and the six supplementary boreholes (production wells) shall be far outstripped within a few years.

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Government of Uganda through NWSC is constructing a 72km underground piped water system to draw water from the River Nile at Karuma to Gulu City.

Along the 72km pipeline stretch, new water supply systems will pass through six small towns en-route, namely; Karuma, Kamdini, Minakulu, Bobi, Palenga, and Koro Abili.

From the Karuma treatment plant, the water will run through an underground pipe system along Karuma-Gulu highway up to Gulu (Customs Corner), where a new reservoir will be constructed.

Once complete, this intake plant of the project sitting opposite Karuma Hydropower dam shall have an abstraction capacity of 30 million liters per day, and the capacity of the water treatment plant constructed shall initially be 10 million liters per day.

The project will supplement the existing production of 10 million liters per day from the recently refurbished treatment plant in the city.

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