NWSC boosts its campaign to plan 1m trees

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has intensified its campaign of planting one million trees by calling upon the general public to join them.
The campaign will see NWSC cover all its areas of operation.  NWSC is supported by National Forestry Authority and Young Water Professional.
The water body through their media platforms has intensified the campaign posting messages calling on the each member of the general public to plant a tree.
“Did you know that every tree provides enough oxygen for three people to breathe. Plant a tree today and save a life. NWSC through the NWSC YWP are implementing the #1milliontrees4Ug campaign in all areas of operation with support from NFA,” NWSC posted.
NWSC has told its customers that the effects of climate change are real.
“During the dry season and many of our water sources dry up making water supply reliability a big challenge. Join us we mitigate the effects of Climate change. Plant a tree today or restore a wetland. Play your part,” NWSC posted.

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