Notorious lady robber in Kampala nabbed by Police

Police Flying Squad Unit in Kampala on Thursday  arrested a woman who has been targeting high profile personalities in luxurious bars and hotels and robbing them of their property.
Police told this website that Jackie Aine Mbabazi has been targeting high profile personalities by befriend them before robbing their stuff.
The suspect has been moving with chloroform in her bag, that she would put in her victim’s drink.
“When she realises that you are unconscious and you are on the dance floor, Ms Mbabazi would assist her victim to sit down and then robs him clean,” Police said.
“Anyone who decided to take her home, she had a habit of administering the chloroform when the victim is dead asleep, she would then alert a colleague who has a vehicle and pick everything from your house,” Police added.
Police has cautioned men to always be very careful towards women they meet in bars for the first time.
“When you are having a drink with a stranger, constantly monitor your drink,” Police advises.
Mbabazi is likely to appear at City Hall Court this Friday and she will likely be charged with theft.

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