No positive case as Next Media run tests on 50 more staff members

No positive case as Next Media run tests on 50 more staff members

Results from the latest COVID-19 tests at Next Media have returned all negative, boosting the confidence of the leadership and staff of the Naguru-based media house, a source has confirmed to us.

Since Next Media announced that 5 of their staff had tested positive for COVID-19, the company became of interest to the public along those lines, and has in turn continued to take it upon themselves to ensure the spread of the disease within is curbed.
We understand that the 5 positive cases were discovered off earlier routine checks the company has subjected to its staff.
We have also further been told that all Next Media positive cases are now being isolated and being treated at private facilities on the company’s expense, with those exposed as contacts also isolating at their own homes.

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Another source at the company, attached to their field unit, was heard bragging among other media fraternity colleagues, that they are well covered, unlike those from other media houses.
“For us we are kawa. No salary cuts or delays, atte now even COVID checks come to us,” the outspoken scribe said. “Ours is just to wear masks, sanitize and kukikuba, gavumenti yelimanya kyelituwa,” she added.
It shall be remembered that in the heat of the moment when media houses closed, laid off staff or cut salaries, Next Media’s Kin Kariisa instead told his staff no one would be laid off or losing their any of their benefits, all this while continuing to construct their brand new home on Naguru hill.
Their NBS TV, with support from their other brands, has taken lead in the coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many research findings also listing them as the most influential brand on the pandemic.

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