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New actress Maggie Kiyingi talks about her love for acting

Maggie Kiyingi has finally got her dream acting career on with the role in a new Ugandan film.

She will be the lead actress in ‘Dream America’, a new Ugandan production set for next year. Showbiz Uganda (SB) talked to her about her career; Read on…

Maggie Kiyingi looking sexy

Maggie Kiyingi looking sexy

SB: How do you feel about acting?

Maggie Kiyingi: Well i feel so good and excited about acting. It’s something that I have always loved to do as part of my career besides all the other things that i do. So I kick stated my acting career last month, October 2015 when i auditioned for a movie “Dream America” and i was given a role, and so we have started shooting.

The movie is coming out very soon. Dream America is going to be the biggest movie of 2015/16. It’s also going to have the best production with. Besides its going to be directed by Moses Ray and Paresh Gondaliya both of Gondaliya Bros Motion Pictures. It’s going to be a great movie, I am really proud and humbled to be a part of it.

Maggie says she is very happy for her new role

Maggie says she is very happy for her new role

SB: What should we expect from you?

Maggie Kiyingi: People should expect seeing me act like never before in a line of very nice, Urban and huge movies. The fact that Ugandan film industry is growing at faster rate right now, for me its the perfect way of giving back to the community and to all the people that have supported me in my journey towards success throughout my entire life. So i promise not to disappoint, everyone should expect the best from me.

Maggie Kiyingi

Maggie Kiyingi

SB: Tell us about your new role?

Maggie Kiyingi: In the movie “Dream America” I am this uptown girl that comes from a very rich family. I am in a happy relationship with Johnny someone that i love so much. I sometimes support him financially because I have got the money. But at some point he has to break down the sad news to me that his leaving for America where his expecting to go and work for the betterment of both of us. It’s such a thrilling moment for me and I am hurting inside because we were supposed to be getting married soon, and at that moment I have lost all hope for our love because I know there are lots of beautiful girls in America. But my man sits me down and explains to me that even when his gone to America our love will still remain and continue. So i kind of try to understand but still I am not contented with his explanation though i have no choice. But to let him go coz he has already made the decision…. Whatever happened next i will leave the public to guess what! That’s all i can reveal for now, Watch out for “Dream America” it’s going be Exciting, spectacular, eye catching and what can i say? it’s going be breathtaking. You don’t want to miss it!

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