NBS TV Live Coverage of News & Events – A Game Changer!

NBS TV Live Coverage of News & Events – A Game Changer!

With the advent of smart technology, the news reporting world has changed forever. We now have everyone considering themselves a news breaker and reporter, pulling out their smart phones to record events as they happen and quickly share on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. And then of course “tune in” to follow the commentary on their timelines!

That said however, in Uganda today, viewers have been tuning into one TV station whenever there is breaking news…NBS TV. From last year’s election campaigns and elections to the recent tragic events surrounding the gruesome killing of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi together with his driver and bodyguard, Ugandans across the country have been tuning into NBS TV to get updates in real-time as events happen.

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The simultaneous live coverage and airing of the Stella Nyanzi trial at Buganda Road Court in Kampala and the Kamuli Municipality by-elections in Kamuli on the same day at the same time, has sealed NBS’ number one position in the live broadcasting sphere. NBS has definitely left its competition in the dust!

Some comments from social media;

Twitter user Andrew Mujuni: “#NBSLive@9 great job NBS. This is a new dimension in TV news”

Facebook user Onyango Gareth: “NBS TV has taken UG TV to the next level. They are broadcasting 2 live events concurrently. Stella Nyanzi’s court session & Besigye in Kamuli. Meanwhile other TVs are showing repeats of formerly recorded shows”

Twitter user Moses Ssegawa: “You’ve set a trend in Uganda’s media, simultaneous updates all on one screen, kudos NBS TV”

Certainly, live coverage has achieved an important place in television news, and it has burned visual images into the country’s collective consciousness. NBS’s 24 hour coverage of live events is certainly a game changer and has the competition feeling the heat! News reporting today is so instantaneous and NBS seems to know this and is leading the way in covering news and events and bring real-time updates to the viewers. The public is anticipating even more from NBS now with news breaking every minute. We look forward to the real time coverage of upcoming national events such as the Budget reading, Marty’s Day and Heroes Day celebrations.

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