Narrow Escape!!! I was almost raped today – Shantal Ruby

City glamour girl Shantal Ruby aka Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi survived a horny Indian guy today who tried to rape her after inviting her for a job interview.

Posting on her Facebook wall, Ruby said she was called for an interview today and when she reached, she was given a form to fill.

As she filled the form, her boss to be started rubbing her shoulders and touching her thighs. When she protested and inquired on why he was touching, he told her that she must give him something because he was giving her a job in return.

Shantal Ruby

Narrow escape: Shantal Ruby

“You know what I mean because you are old enough to know, you must give me what my wife doesn’t give me,” she quoted him. “”I removed my shoe and hit the guy which forced his believed to be staff members to handcuff me , whom he insisted told to set me free” she narrated in her post on her Facebook wall.

Chantal Ruby Batamuliza Uwimbabazi: Very angry.. I had a bad day..So this stupid Indian garlic like smelly Buffon, calls me for a job interview (Yes we had talked before), reached there, He treats me very well, gives me an application to fill in, as am about to finish, he comes, starts rubbing my shoulders, I uncomfortably ask him what he is doing. He goes like “So what will I get from you after this?” Me: “What do you mean?” By the way in the arrogant way he replies “You see my dear, I’m not your father, or a relative, think of anything. You are old enough to know what I mean here”, (By the way, before I go on, this rats mouth smells like a toilet) Anyway having sensed what was going on, I reply furiously “Since you are not my father, why did you call me here?” , He goes “I want you to give me what my wife can not”, At that moment am very mad, and you know what makes it worse? He comes close to me and tries to grab my small butt, guess what I do? I pretend like am removing my shoe, as he stands there waiting. I get up, beat him in the face with my kakondo. (I actually thought I had killed him) , So he falls, blood flowing from his forehead, the security guys and other employees come running to his office.. One of the security guys is a Ugandan, he asks “Omusajja omukoze ki? ” Im like “gwe lwaki tomubuuza?”

NOTE: Of all the employees that came, only two are ugandans and they are security guys, the rest are Indians. Anyway as I’m there sweating, these guys try to handcuff me but He tells them to stop and let me go. He says he won’t press charges (of course he knows what he had done) So they get him first aid, and I move out, but my heart now pumping so fast and am shaking. Then I quietly think of what to do next.. Because I was frustrated, I go to Nakumatt to get some hard drinks. As I’m in the Nakumatt parking(yes with my drinks in hand) Another Indian man mistakenly knocks my drinks with his car side mirror, in my mind I’m like banange kisirani ki kino? OMG all the bottles break banange. My liquor gone. The Nakumatt security stops him, he comes to apologise and then asks me he could go inside and buy the drinks, I tell the security guy “No let him go”, Banange at that very moment, I’m just praying to get home .. I’m now home. I now know why most Indian owned businesses/companies only hire fellow Indians. These guys are so rude to Africans. In most cases, the Africans you find there are cleaners, or doing petty jobs (no pun intended). The bigger posts are for Indians. Someone bring me some kush and kaziire please, kubanga my day has been ruined!!!

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