Nameere Justine clarifies on her ‘new Television job’

Nameere Justine clarifies on her ‘new Television job’

Television star Justine Nameere has said she has no new TV job. The producer has cracked a deal with Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) to produce a show dubbed ‘Tulumbule Pearl’ aimed at marketing Uganda’s tourist attractions to the world.

She said her latest deal is not a new job but one of the assignments which she is doing under the company she co-owns ‘Visible Solutions’ which provides content for TVs. ‘Tulambule’ will premiere on NBS Television starting next month.

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“Look at that dark blue sky at 9pm Paraa Lodges Murchison Falls! You can think it’s a painting! Only in Uganda the Pearl of Africa! Watch so much more of Uganda’s gifted nature in the all new Tulambule Pearl TV show starting this November on NBS TV! Journalists calling me to ask about “my new job” thanks for the love but I have no “new job”. I am executive producer of all my shows which I produce under a company I co-own Visible Solutions Ltd! I work with TVs as a content provider, consultant or commercial client. That’s how I run my TV career since 2014 and that’s how I plan to keep it!
Executive producers like Mona Scott, Ryan Secrest, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey inspire me!  #Tulambule Pearl, #Drink from My Cup …both loading!,” Justine posted.

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