Nalongo Maggie alleges Ragga Dee, Ed Cheune and Kibuuka Trevor connived to con Don Nasser

Late AK 47 ex-lover Nalongo Maggie has spilled top secrets regretting her involvement in a well arranged plan to con Don Nasser of large sums of money.
In an audio posting on social media, Maggie alleges veteran singer Ragga Dee, defunct Rich Gang member Ed Cheune (Kyeyune) and CMI captain Kibuuka Trevor connived to have Don Nasser kept behind bars to take over his wealth.
Ragga Dee is said to have connived with Kyeyune, Maggie and captain Kibuuka of CMI in an attempt to have him give them money, a move he refused and was put behing bars for it

Letter shifting attoney powers to Kibuuka Trevor.

According to Maggie she later realised the game was foul play and withdrew the case against Don Nasser and also apologised to the ‘young tycoon’.
However, her other players have threatened to have her involved to the end.
 After Don Nasser had left the coolers, ISO boss Kaka is said to have settled the parties, got Kyeyune arrested as investigations were still going on on Ragga Dee and Kibuuka were also warned of their behaviors. Maggie then closed the case and chapter.
Earlier this week, Maggie came out crying in a voice recording that she is being with hunted to appeal case and have Nasser pinned again despite her earlier confession that it was a big plan to con him.
According to reports, Ragga Dee, Kyeyune and Kibuuka intend to appeal case citing that the Russian woman has accorded them powers to pursue case again, something Maggie refutes.
While Maggie gives her current verdict on this in an audio, Nasser has this to say “I was falsely put behind bars last year but I thank the Ugandan justice for finding out the truth and dismiss case. They disorganized me and my work but I forgave them,”.
It is embarrassing to see a respectable personnel and a captain get involved in a scam, he added.
Here is Maggie Kaweesi’s audio crying foul.

Spilling beans!!!

Posted by Showbiz Uganda on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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