N0 1 Supect Badman releases a song in commemoration of Rwanda Genocide

South African based Uganda/Rwandan reggae star N0.1 Suspect Badman has released a new track in remembrance of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide where close to a million people lost their lives. The song titled Rwanda Nziza was released last week. Below we bring you the song’s lyrics and what Suspect had to say;


“In 1994, the month of April a million and so of people lost their lives in Rwanda. This human tragedy was the result of a long history of COLONIZATION that divided RWANDESE people making them turn against each other. My dear fans, friends and families, brothers and sisters, here is the song I have sung in honor of 1994 Genocide in Rwanda,” Suspect said. Below  is the song on YouTube


Lyrics of Rwanda Nziza by NO.1 Suspect Badman

I’m not making this up, I remember

I’m singing, I’m not making this up

I remember, I’m not scared

As we remember the families we lost in genocide

The genocide against the Tutsi

In nineteen ninety four

We will always remember you

When you segregate tribes

That’s what you get, lets pray for unity

When you segregate tribes

And many a time, its about personal gains

Rwandese people,

My people, Rwandese

Let’s unite, we belong together


Peace, Peace

Let there be peace in Rwanda

Uh my country

Rwandese people

My people, Rwandese

Lets unite, (Rwandese)

We belong together, (Rwandese)

Rwanda you are a beauty

Despite your history and the misfortune

Fifty nine to nineteen nighty four

Listen, Regina

Don’t you cry?

Tell Simpunga, there there.

I know that when you need mummy, you don’t see her

I know that when I need our uncle, I miss him.

Maria, and your older sister Maria, not forgetting Spesiyoza. Mutoni misses you.

We lost families, we lost friends and our mothers love

You get back home and miss Dad

When you look in the room you miss Mummy

Wherever you look you can see their faces

Where she used to hang the clothes

Listen to me,

They were killed because of their appearance – they were martyrs

Imagine, in Gods’ eyes they are innocent

Anyway, Rest in peace Kaniziyo (canisius)

Rwandese people

My people, Rwandese

Lets unite, (Rwandese)

We belong together, (Rwandese)

You became a refugee in your own country

Fled your home, leaving your belongings behind

Hunted, separated from your kin, when your homes were lite on fire

You lost so many of your own, many were massacred, many were killed.

In my country, I could see blood flowing (nighty four)

Oh my God, rivers flowing, bodies floating in my country (never again)

Blood every where in my city, it was bloody it was bad (imagine)

What kind of animosity is this, what a calamity?

People killing, people raping, children dying, bodies lying

In my country – never again!!

I remember the letter that was published in March, supported by religious leaders and colonialist. Remember the carnage that took place in 1963 and 1964

December and January respectively. Remember the harassment that took place in 1973 and 1974, many were killed, others flee, Chased from schools and

fired from work. I remember, I urge you to remember. Remember Libre Radio and Television De Mille Collins that, Kangura and many other News outlets. That planted and spread the seed of intolerance, segregation and hate. Words of fallacy and dehumanizing nature, remember – I remember.

Remember the genocide of 1994 in Rwanda against the Tutsi, road blocks everywhere in Kigali. Rwandese family murdered, killed with pangas, axes and grenades and other weapons. I too, remember. The massacre that flooded into Cathedrals, schools and hospitals. Nyarubuye, Cyarinda, Nyamata and other place, we can forget you.

All those that die in arms (i remember you)

The ones that liberated the country( we remember you)

Long live Rwanda, lets teach the young ones our history, so that they may know.

Long FPR, you brought back peace, unity and prosperity.

Fred Rugema your are a hero.

Rwanda I will always remember 94

The year of sorrow, April, the month of mourning.

Rwanda, I cannot forget the unrest, people running, people dying

Rwanda , I remember the situation.

What’s kind of segregation, in my nation.

Discrimination is a dirty mission.

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