‘My daughter is the best gift I have ever had’ – Desire Luzinda

Singer Desire Luzinda can’t stop thinking about the gift she got in her daughter. The singer as she celebrates another year onto the life of her only child, Mitchell, today, she revealed that her daughter was the best gift ever to happen to her. The singer said this while posting on her social media platforms.


“Having you was the best gift of my life Even when the days are dull, the thought of you brightens me up, gives me the courage, strength and hope for a better tomorrow. Even when the world judges me, I pat myself on the back because I know i have raised the most humble, loving, caring, respectful and God fearing daughter (turning into a lady). There has never been a dull moment with you… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCHELL,” Desire posted.

Desire Luzinda
Desire Luzinda

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