Mutungo Primary School Crowned 2018 Fresh Dairy Schools Program Champions


Receive New Nursery Classroom Block

Mutungo Primary School emerged champions of the 2018 Fresh Dairy Schools Program winning a newly built nursery block, following a highly competitive yoghurt cup collection challenge. The 1st Runner Up prize went to Murchison Bay Primary School who won a newly renovated multi-purpose hall while the 2nd Runner Up prize was taken by Kirinya Catholic Primary School winning 20 classroom desks.

Speaking during the grand finale event held at Mutungo Primary School on 3rd October 2018, Vincent Omoth – Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy said, ‘Fresh Dairy has for two consecutive years run a schools program aimed at educating children on nutrition with an inclination towards encouraging the consumption of 1-Yoghurt-a-Day as a healthy and nutritious snack. This year’s Fresh Dairy’s School Program which started on 15th March 2018 successfully reached at least 300,000 primary school pupils as well as teachers and parents in over 350 primary schools across Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono districts, a time during which free yoghurt was given out to all students for sampling to further re-emphasize the 1-Yoghurt-a-Day nutrition message.’
Caroline Muchobia – Nutritionist Fresh Dairy said, ‘Yoghurt as one of the products we produce at Fresh Dairy is an ideal nutrition booster for children because it is a healthy and nutritious snack that is rich in Vitamin A, B, D, E, Calcium and Potassium. School going children not only require adequate nutrition in order to meet their growth milestones and lead healthy lives but also need to learn best health and nutrition practices at an early age that they keep as they grow. Currently Fresh Dairy produces five flavours of yoghurt to include Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango, Plain and Mixed Berries.’

Omoth further noted that the 2018 Fresh Dairy Schools program – Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge dared all participating schools and their pupils to collect as many Fresh Dairy Yoghurt Cups as they possibly could, and then build any innovative model out of them which aimed to drive their creativity skills. ‘Mutungo Primary School pupils emerged winners for building the most creative model of a football stadium out Fresh Dairy yoghurt cups having been inspired by a desire to own an actual stadium.’
The Head teacher of Mutungo Primary School, Innocent Bainomugisha said ‘I want in a special way to thank Fresh Dairy for giving back to the community. I want to request the Fresh Dairy team that now that they have started, it should not end.
The hand-over event was presided over by George Mutekanga Assistant Commissioner Private Schools in the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Mutekanga said, “This Fresh Dairy program is 3-fold, it is meant to educate children, teachers and parents on not only health but on nutritional habits. They have also learnt that after eating don’t liter. The children have created a football stadium after eating yoghurt.”
Mutekanga also promised to consult with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to look for land where an actual football stadium could be constructed in order to fulfill the children’s dreams of having a stadium.
As part of the hand-over event, Fresh Dairy also rewarded winners in two more categories of the 2018 Fresh Dairy Program;
• Winners in the Best Teacher Category; Erasmus Savior from Mutungo Parents Primary School and Kyazze Geoffrey from The Bright Day and Boarding Primary School. Both of the teachers received laptops as rewards from Fresh Dairy for successfully mobilizing their pupils to collect yoghurt cups.
• Winners in the Best Student Category: Elisha Pascal from Uganda Martyrs Primary School and Komakech Mohammed from Police Children’s Primary School both received bicycles from Fresh Dairy for making the best individual models out of Fresh Dairy Yoghurt Cups.
Omoth concluded by noting that Fresh Diary will continue running the Fresh Dairy School Program next year in order to reach out to more schools with the health and nutritional message.


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