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MUSIC REVIEW: ‘Busaabala’ By Maurice Kirya

HILLARIOUS! Kirya has done it again. This is a visible stamp on the fact that he pays attention to detail which gives his works quality. It came as a surprise to many that believe the ‘Missubaawa’ singer as too calm and not outgoing. He surely out did himself in this one.

‘Busaabala’ is a very twisted love story. Maurice talks about this love from another angle; “Mzee wa Proscovia” (Proscovia’s father).A man that was so tough that every time he saw this young suitor next to his daughter, he would ‘sharpen his knife”.

The very rich lyrics of this song tell the whole story with a lot of humour. Maurice, we must commend, has vast knowledge of the Luganda language. Which, I gather, he studied learned from school by offering Luganda literature till his A’ level. He twists the words very accurately and creatively, in a way that it tickles your brain to be more alert in order not to miss any vowel or consonant.
Nothing is worth talking about this song if the video is not mentioned. It is a must have. Yes! Of course watching it is key but owning it is close to having Oxygen! The video is a much more exciting summary to the audio storyline.

Jafer Amin (son off The Late Idi Amin) acts as the ‘Mzee’ while Jacky Akello acts as Proscovia. The drama begins to unfold when Mzee finds Maurice seated majestically on the couch, engaging in a village-blush romantic tête-á-tête with his daughter.
From the dodge of the first slap, to the hyena-antelope like chase of Maurice, to the urination on Kirya’s face, is the perfect prescription of an over dose of laughter altogether. The venue chosen for this video worked its purpose. It gives us a clear visual of what sort of area Busaabala was.

How dare I not mention the dancers in this video! The choreography is perfect. The strength of the dancers in their art matches up to the intensity of the song. It is a very vigorous one.
The instrumentation on this one is perfect. The unique blend of Ugandan contemporary drumbeats fused with the soulful guitar sound, blend perfectly to make this a new kind of sound to the scene.
Both the video and audio have shot up at rocket speed on most of the countdowns in the nation and region. It has been ranked highly by very many media critics. Which we must agree the reasons are obvious.

All that is left is for you to go out watch and share the video. Don’t forget to appreciate the artist via his social media platforms. While you are at that inform your friends about Showbiz Uganda. Thank you!

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