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MUSIC REVIEW:‘Never Been Loved’ By Maurice Kirya

If this song were a woman, she would be Miss Uganda from a royal linage. Well educated and groomed with timeless beauty!
Maurice and his team have evidently studied their audience over the years and curved out a plan to always keep them on their toes for his every project. His latest album, MWOOYO, is a manifestation of this fact.

No. 6 off the album, Never Been Loved is just another one of Maurice Kirya’s heart filled melodies. He has a way of speaking straight to the soul, when he puts his mind to it. In this particular one, he sings about a promise to love, like never before.

The concept of the song is not new to us, the listeners, but the way he packages it leaves one entirely convinced by his promise. It has quickly risen to the top of chats in Uganda. In fact it is currently number 1 on many of the radio station and television countdowns.
The song has very beautiful instrumentation. The subtle guitar sound in the beginning of the song just goes straight into your ears to massage your ossicles, immediately capturing your interest. The acoustic feel to it is also achieved due to this interplay of instruments.

We can’t possibly leave without mentioning the producer behind this beautiful piece; Sam Bisaso, Dream world studios. He has produced most of Kirya’s songs and albums. Basing on the two past albums that he has worked on I believe his a genius in this game. The songs that have his touch are world class sounds.

And now the video! This is the second mysterious kind of love story video from Maurice (the first being Wooye). The video is very well captured. The props are very unique. Among the many things that make up Maurice, is his love for vintage items and this is brought out in the video by the car.

Another aspect that gets very many women salivating, is the part where he lying, surrounded by very many beautiful ladies, touching him all over. The setting is also very intriguing. The idea of trees in a forest like arrangement gives the video a timeless feel.
Enough said! Go out and find this video and Share it!

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