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Mugume clears air over Martha Kay’s leaked nudes

Medard Mugume has come out to clear allegations that he leaked Martha Kay’s nude photos.  Posting on his Facebook wall, Mugume said he has never dated Martha though he still hopeful and said he is just a fan who is just innocent of the whole incident.
“Up to now am still trying understand how this photo could be linked to the nudes i have failed to understand, My name Is Medard Mugume i don’t even think in our clan we have anyone called Barnet as it’s alleged to be my name. I have never dated Martha though still hopeful. Anyway jokes aside i don’t know how this whole thing started relating a pic of a fan to her leaked pics.. Whoever is spreading harmful propaganda today it’s me tomorrow it could be you so please always verify information before you conclude and judge.. But surely you have abused me enough for free i distance myself from such acts for i have high respect for any lady on earth… Am sorry for those who probably thought it’s true i did so but let me clear the air am honestly innocent… Sorry Martha Kay this will come to pass we’re with you,” Mugume posted.

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