MTN Uganda Fined Shs 5bn For Unsolicited SMS

Via The Observer

MTN Uganda has been fined 0.5% (approximately Shs 5bn) of its gross annual revenue by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). MTN Uganda “repeatedly defied Commission directive to desist from the using short codes 157,169, 178, and 183” breaching the 2010 developed SMS and MM guidelines notes UCC.

MTN Uganda has been fined by Uganda Communications Commission

MTN Uganda has been fined by Uganda Communications Commission

From November 21, 2014 all telecommunications and other content providers were to operationalise the 196 short code that enabled mobile phone users to: “An OPT-OUT option for subscribers who are not interested in receiving messages to stop receiving messages from a given short code. A “Do not Disturb” (DND) option to ensure that a consumer will not receive ANY messages apart from those related to national emergencies and network outages.”
58 non-compliant content providers’ codes were similarly withdrawn and similar audits are ongoing for Africell and Uganda Telecom (UTL).

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  1. UCC clearly stated it was a case of “repeatedly defying directives from the commission particular the directive to desist from using short codes 157, 169, 178 and 183, hence violating the SMS guidelines. so where is the twist of unsolicited sms coming from?

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