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Money Kings: Mayweather tops Forbes list, Messi edges Ronaldo as 2nd best paid athlete

“Boxer Floyd Mayweather was voted Forbes world’s highest paid athlete with a $275 million (Sh27.7 billion) pay cheque over the last 12 months.”

Floyd Mayweather has for the fourth time in seven years taken the first spot on Forbes world’s highest paid athlete with a $275 million (Sh27.7 billion) pay cheque over the last 12 months.

The undefeated boxing champion unseats Real Madrid star player Cristiano Ronaldo, who held the crown the previous two years.

Ronaldo drops to third this year, with longtime rival Lionel Messi edging him out of the 2nd spot after signing a new contract.

According to Spanish news outlets, Messi banked an estimated $130 million in salaries, bonuses and endorsements over the last 12 months.

Ronaldo’s income stands at an estimated $100 million up from $93 million he earned the previous year.

Now, theoretically, Mayweather’s one year salary can fund several ministries in Kenya.

Standing at Sh27,741,312,500 at the current exchange rate, ‘Mr Moneybags’ can fund almost half of Health ministry’s budget.

The ministry was allocated Sh61.6 billion in the 2017/18 budget that cost Sh2.64 trillion of tax payers’ money.

General Economic and Commercial Affairs was allocated Sh25.9 billion, meaning the boxer would still Sh1.8 billion to spare if he were to fund the entire sector.

Mayweather can also afford to cater for lecturers pay for two years and remain with some change.

The dons are asking for Sh54 billion to cover their Collective Bargaining Agreement between 2017 and 2021.

This translates to about Sh13.5 billion per year.

In Education, Mayweather’s one year salary could easily hire 20,000 teachers TSC needs to hire annually to close a deficit of 155,000.

The commission said it requires Sh10 billion to hire 20,000 additional instructors every year.

Theoretically, the boxer could take that pain away and hire about 60,000 teachers at ago and bring the teacher deficit to about 100,000.

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