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Model Efrance Nakitto warns of fake account in her name

City sexy commercial model Efrance Nakitto has warned her friends, fans and followers against falling victims of a fake account in her name. The fake account in question is in the name of ‘Amwine Rose’ and uses her pictures as well asking for money from people in the name of Efrance Nakitto.

Efrance Nakitto has fallen a victim of Fake Facebook accounts in recent times

The model said she only has one account in her name Efrance Nakitto and she doesn’t have any other. She confirmed to this website that Amwine Rose is her account and she doesn’t know the person running it.

Fake account that Efrance Nakitto has warned her friends against

“Fake account Alert…Fake account Alert!!! Hello my friends I have always said and I say it again that I have only one account and that and it is ‘Efrance Nakitto’. Anywhere else you see my photos or anyone trying to prove to you that it’s me, it’s not Me, So I’m warning this so called ‘Amwine Rose’ whoever is running this account going around asking people for money and whatever you’re using my photos for, you better stand warned, you either stop immediately or else you are about to face the law. To my affected friends, followers I deeply apologize. I repeat, and I repeat ‘Amwine Rose’ is not my account,” Efrance said.

Efrance Nakitto

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