Miss Kampala Royale Smile; Jenny Kembabazi spills her life secrets

Jenny Kembabazi was crowned Miss Kampala Royale smile 2015-2016 on 11th September 2015 at Kampala Serena Hotel. She was born in Bukoto, Kampala 20 years ago. The model studied at Seeta High School and Kitante Hill for her O and A levels respectively. She is currently pursuing a course in Business Administration at Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

Jenny Kembabazi posting with her crown

Jenny Kembabazi posting with her crown

SU: Tell us about yourself?

Jenny: I’m a 20 year old business student as well as a model with a great passion for fashion and modeling. Self motivated and strong willed. I find pleasure in writing, watching movies and listening to music.

SU: When you join modeling?

Jenny: In my form 6 vacation in 2013

SU: How do you find modeling?

Jenny: I find it amazing. Despite the challenges faced in the modeling industry in Uganda, I can still say it’s great. Because it’s something I really love, it’s something that makes me happy. As long as you are persistent and hardworking, you find that you can’t be accepted by every fashion designer or company to represent or showcase their products. Everyone has different taste and preferences. Being rejected doesn’t mean giving up. It’s that simple basic that has helped me love what I do.

Jenny said her childhood dream was to become a doctor but it has since died

Jenny said her childhood dream was to become a doctor but it has since died

SU: What do you think of modeling industry in Uganda? Jenny: Modeling industry in Uganda is a fast growing one. There’s so much that has been achieved of recent by Ugandan models and fashion designers. There are so many opportunities but also so many loopholes. It’s your perseverance that puts you at the top.

SU: Who inspired you into modeling?

Jenny: Stella maxwell is one model i have always loved. From her sense of fashion to the way she rocks on the runway. She inspired me into modeling.

Jenny says she loves what she does

Jenny says she loves what she does

SU: How did you get into Miss Kampala participation? Jenny: I got to know about Miss Kampala Royale from a friend so I decided to participate. Many turned up but only 20 finalists were chosen. I saw this as a platform to showcase beauty, morals and a chance to meet so many people. We went through training for two months. And the grand finale was on 11th September at Serena hotel. I got the chance of being crowned Miss Kampala Royale smile 2015-2016. It was a very amazing experience. Got to meet new people, learnt so many things from the people who were mentoring us. Beauty is relative, it goes far beyond physical appearance to social etiquette, kindness, ability to reach out to so many people and giving a helping hand where possible. [adrotate banner=”3″]

SU: What’s your favourite dish?

Jenny: My favourite dish is rice and beef with potato salad.

SU: How do you spend your free time?

Jenny: I spend my free time writing, going to the cinema because I really love watching movies and listening to music.

Jenny Kembabazi is a real model

Jenny Kembabazi is a real model

SU: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Jenny: In the next five years, I see myself as a self employed business lady, representing brands.

SU: What was your child hood dream?

Jenny: My child hood dream was to be a doctor. But I see that in a whole different view. It has died out I think.

SU: What do you love in your dream man?

Jenny: My dream man is a God fearing one, loving, kind, and developmental. One who can support me and whom we can build a family together.

Jenny after she was crowned Miss Kampala Royale Smile

Jenny after she was crowned Miss Kampala Royale Smile

SU: What are those five things that you can live without? Jenny: I can’t live without my Bible, when I’m feeling down; I always know where to find comfort from. I can’t live without deodorant; I love it when I smell good. My phone, I’m so attached to it. And I can’t do without heels. I can never have enough of them. And lastly lipstick,i like it when my lips look great

SU: What’s your favourite sporting game and team? Jenny: My favourite sporting game is swimming

SU: How do you see off men who approach you?

Jenny: As for the men who approach me, as long as they are not developmental, i simply tell them my dreams are too big for them to handle.

Jenny (R) with contestants at Miss Kampala

Jenny (R) with contestants at Miss Kampala

SU: What message do you have for young aspiring models? Jenny: To every aspiring model is to be hard working and persistent. Perseverance pays off. Be flexible, adaptable, very stylish and versatile. And above all, never give up. You needn’t take things personal because you can never be perfect for every job. Don’t dwell on the negativity around.

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