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Meet Uganda’s Singing, Snake Queen

Sarah Namukwaya aka G Snake real is another in the line of Ugandan goddesses that spring forth from that benevolent nation to sing and make men feel happy around the planet. It’s like a little hotbed of dream makers. G Snake is also a snake queen who rubs shoulders with one of the world’s deadliest reptiles.263494_113870935369167_2461710_n

In another sultry leaning shoot, G Snake focuses her perfect tight thumper toward the camera in various skimpy undergarments and dresses and makes you wish she were your date to the burger joint after quitting time. She is getting close to camera holding her snake and a one look by some girls would run for their dear lives. There’s just something about this alluring woman that draws you in and makes you want to handcuff yourself to her ankle. I’d love to see her Houdini out of that one. I hope it take days. G Snake, you’re driving me kind of crazy. The good kind of crazy. Enjoy. Click here to enjoy G Snake’s latest massive hit ‘Tulo’







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