Meet Muslim born Ugandan Preaching Grace Internationally

Aisha Namuli describes her journey of searching to find her true self. Lost in a world that everyone called normal, life was an unending series of questions as to who she was and why everything ‘normal’ felt so wrong. To her dismay, her answers lay on the other side of the faith, beliefs and values she held, having been raised in a Muslim family.

According to Aisha Namuli in her book; Found by Grace, “Grace is all about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and his blood sacrifice was the offering for the remission of our sins that are past to declare us righteous in the presence of God. God’s grace is unmerited, undeserving, freely given and a gift from God.”

Aisha Namuli

Found by Grace is Aisha’s story. Engaging and compelling, Found by Grace tells the powerful story of a young woman lost in both her mind and the world and the revelation of Jesus Christ that led her to a fulfilling life of serving in the kingdom of God, preaching the word of God in communities around the world and helping the sick, poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable.

While she was still a Muslim, Aisha’s life questions began to be answered by the revelation of Jesus Christ through his grace, what started with a dream one night evolved into a lifelong journey of learning that religious works cannot lead to answers, but the grace of Jesus through faith has the power to decipher all doubts in life. Her life changed for the better as she surrendered to a new relationship with Jesus Christ.

 Who is Aisha?

Aisha Namuli was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. Born to a Muslim father, she grew up devoted to Islam. Yet, her beliefs could not keep her from feeling that she was lost she felt empty and void. She needed more of God, yet nothing seemed to get her into a place of connection with Him.

Unexpectedly finding the true love of Jesus Christ changed Aisha’s perspective about life and faith. She received Christ’s salvation and the love of God through grace by faith in February 2006.

Aisha Namuli has been called to evangelize through the Word of God and to heal the spiritually, emotionally, physically broken, locally and internationally, through Jesus Christ. She has been teaching the Word of God since 2010. Aisha is the author of Found By Grace, the story of her life and testimony. Found By Grace is her first book, released in February 2016 (Xulon Press).

After earning a BA in Development Studies from Makerere University, Uganda Aisha made a life- changing decision to settle in the United States in 2008. There, she attended the Benny Hinn School of Ministry in 2009 becoming a knowledgeable, equipped, well- trained student in classes such as “Operating in the Anointing”, and “Deliverance from Demons”. Aisha is currently a candidate at Walden University, pursuing a Master of Science in Non Profit Management and Leadership specializing in Local Government Management and Sustainable Communities.

For two years, Aisha led a fellowship in Los Angeles teaching, the Word of God to young adults to help them examine their daily lives and focus on Christ. In 2013, she embarked on a journey as an International evangelist, conference speaker, philanthropist, and as a president and founder of the non- profit organization Anna Evangelistic Ministries in Uganda which is registered as a religious organization in the United States. Anna Evangelistic Ministries has been recognized for Kingdom work in different countries through the visible manifestations of God’s supernatural power in conferences, crusades, mission work, medical missions, prison ministry, feeding programs, disaster relief mission, water relief mission and inner city outreach programs.

Anna Evangelistic Ministries’ sister organization The Anna Foundation was formed in 2012, to advocate and support young girls’ education, teach leadership skills, organizational skills and self worth or value to young adults in rural areas of less developed countries. In 2015, Aisha followed a dream to create a talk show, “A Heart For A Soul with Aisha Namuli.” The show consists of biblical teaching, words of encouragement, words of wisdom, love and interaction with guests discussing social, economic, political and family topics all related to the Bible.

Today, Aisha Namuli is an International evangelist who has organized conferences around the world to heal the broken- hearted through the gospel of Jesus Christ. During these conferences, many lives have been transformed, renewed, and changed through manifestation of God’s presence, healing, and deliverance. Aisha is the vision bearer for the Get Up and Walk Conference, the Africa Women of Valor Conference, and the Replace Conference. These annual conferences bring Aisha together with other speakers as they minister the gospel of Jesus Christ in different nations of the world.

Aisha has preached the message of Jesus Christ and His redemptive power in countries including Netherlands, Uganda, Kenya, and the United States. She resides in Pasadena, California.

And why is this grace that led you to Christ worth talking about?

This is a broad question but am more than humbled and honoured to dignify my response about His grace. When you asked this question, funny that a big question crossed my mind–why not talk about grace when you live it? The grace message carries a sense of imperativeness to every Christian that has lived and experienced it.

When one understands through revelation what Christ did at Calvary: giving us victory from all the perilous circumstances of life and also, when a Christian gets to understand that divorcing the law from grace immensely opens one’s life to a place of His unending love, freedom, and restoration then one unavoidably cannot be quiet about the grace! Take a moment and think about Him loving you no matter what you think of yourself, no matter what the past defined you as, no matter what religious principles were thrown at you and you failed to meet their expectations–He still loved you!

Conventionally, before a person comes to salvation their life is like a broken image in a mirror. For some people this is attributed to living frivolously for so many years without answers in life or others through what the world unexpectedly threw in their direction. When grace is introduced in our spirit through His revelation, the openness to truth creates a new life in a believer. A life filled with lack of concealment in love where one feels they are ready to offer the same love to the people, peace, rest, and knowing His in control no matter what. The plainness of this life exhibits the undeserving favour where Christ already provided for us whatever we needed. Additionally, when that understanding develops in us we are naturally inclined to receive from Him. You know the hardest part of this statement is to receive? Yes, to receive! Did you know that many people struggle with the issue of receiving? That’s why it’s hard for many people to just believe they must let Him take care of all their worries, troubles, and distresses in life.

Now this right here is the reason why the grace that led me to Christ began an extended conversation by writing a book about His grace. Something worth noting, receiving is a two way street both from the giver and receiver. For one to receive this grace, faith acts as the contact between the Giver and the receiver. That’s why as stated in Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Therefore, as believers when we go to receive from Him (Giver) we must go in faith to receive that which was already given to us. No one can fully garner sufficiently where they don’t feel acquainted. What connects a receiver to the Giver in the grace is the connection of faith which remains important once you understand the grace message because of the certainty that it was already done for you.

Now for a person with an independent mind, this may come as a surprise. Leading to questions such as; a) how does this work? b) Just getting up in the morning believing and that’s all. And, c) How do you rest when there is so much to provide for? Believing and resting in His finished works–means working towards faith in what He already did. The bible in Hebrews 4: 11 states “Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.” That means Christ knew his dear children would struggle with the matter of resting. He knew time would come when life threw all sorts of hardships in their direction. Case in point, today life is so busy people think in order to make it through–they must get things done at their own terms. Pursuing individuality is a one way ticket to a separate relational existence between you and God. And, it’s so easy for a child of God to get caught up in this sort of life style. He knew we needed to labor towards resting. Now, this is where the mystery lies in the grace; you resting and letting Him go to work for you! The anonymous gratitude towards His unending love is worth talking about. Why? Because of His undeserved favor for you and me. Grace!

What have you done for communities in Uganda?

The greatest gift any man can ever give you is the gospel of Christ. And, that is what i intend to do as a child of God through His grace. Evangelize the love of Christ–through the Word and Gospel of God to the lost. Through development aide, empowering programs, and initiatives to the community thus fostering positive social change. As the vision bearer of Anna Evangelistic Ministries, our mission involves healing the broken hearted. We have done this through sharing the love of Christ though inner city outreach programs, visiting child orphanages, praying for the sick in hospitals, and organizing feeding programs in the poorly impoverished areas of Kampala.

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