Meet Karole who is set to unleash her latest music exploits this Friday at Rumor Bar, Bukoto

Meet Karole who is set to unleash her latest music exploits this Friday at Rumor Bar, Bukoto

Kasita Karole is set to be unveiled this Friday 28th October in a show dubbed ‘Karole Unveiled’ at Rumor Bar, Bukoto opposite Bukoto Heights Apartments. She talked to Showbiz Uganda (SB) about her latest music projects and what she has been up to of recent. Read….


SB: Who is Karole?

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Karole: Karole is a simple girl. Music is her life. She has been in the music industry for seven years now. Yes she has been on and  off with music because of studies and all that and then too much hustle because she lacked management but now that she has got a manager, she’s resumed from where she stopped from.


SB: Tell us more about your unveiling, what is Karole expected to do?

Karole: This is my ever first official unveiling and people should expect a lot. I am going to give them my best right from my first ‘banana’ when i was still in Cash02, trust me you don’t know what to expect and neither do i because even i don’t know myself. I surprise myself sometimes… “Nange netya”


SB: Tell us more about your music performance?

Karole: I am doing this show live with SnS Band, the band i manage and we have rehearsed a lot. If anyone out there thinks they know me, well they don’t know a thing about me and my music. Let them just be at Rumor Bar on the 28th October this Friday. I am going to be unveiled for real.


I would love to beg everyone out there who loves live music, loves SnS Band and loves Karole to come and be at Rumor that day.


I also have some artistes of course my musical friends that will be there like Geosteady, Maro, Nina Roz, Kabako and Vamposs. Nutty is the one guy that wouldn’t miss my show for anything first because we did a song together titled ‘Bounce it’ but he may not make it.


Then we shall be doing our collabo with Maro titled ‘Temujja Ndya’ for the first time ever.

The genre i do is called “good music” and that’s all i can say about my music.


SB: What do you have in store after the unveiling?


After my show i have more music coming in and I have a new song with Nutty in studio and many more projects. Just know Karole has resurrected.

SB: What message do you have for your fans?

Karole: Thank you for supporting me over these years. I am not about to let to you down. Thanks for believing in me always. I send all my love to Karolikes. Let’s keep the flag held high and let’s show them what true love is on the 28th this Friday at Rumor bar, Bukoto. Its gonna be massive, be there all o you guys… Entrance fee is 10k, VIP Table at 200k. See you there this Friday….


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