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Meet Doreen Faith, the brain behind The Figure Bombshell Fashion week

Doreen Faith, a Ugandan born and UK based Fashion Designer and alumni of London College of Fashion, one of the most prestigious fashion institutions in the world, and holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Fashion Design & Marketing coupled together with invaluable experience in the UK fashion industry.

She is the creator of The Figure Bombshell: the official plus-size fashion week for Uganda. It is a movement and revolution which emerged in 2016 on social-media and has been for the past 3 years active online, particularly Instagram. It was scheduled to launch in December 2018 but was postponed to this year to attract a wider audience, and it has already achieved that even before its official launch. The movement has already ignited change among fashion and beauty fraternities in Uganda. From fashion awards such as: Abryanz Fashion and Style Awards using non than the usual plus-size models to showcase clothes at their December 2018 catwalk award show, to curvy beauty pageants like: Miss Curvy being created, to girls and women proudly embracing themselves as plus-size something which they weren’t before.

Ugandan women who follow The Figure Bombshell on Instagram say that the campaign had made them feel inclusivebut most importantly made them feel empowered through the conveyance of our positive material.

I created The Figure Bombshell’ name as a positive way to identify our curvy & plus-size female audience in Uganda. ‘’I wanted a name that was unique and beyond the surface of beauty. Bearing in mind that Ugandan women are not sex objects to be used as tourists’ attraction as Minister Kiwanda and his curvy women endorsed’’, states Doreen Faith.

For the past 3 years I have received messages from girls and women who have expressed their admiration for my style and request for bigger sizes for my clothing label, Dare. So I felt compelled to create this campaign which specifically targets and appeals to curvy women. The campaign is created to empower curvy and plus-size women in Uganda to be body-confident and feel good about themselves.

We are currently planning our launch event and details will be communicated to the public with due course.

For women and anybody else interested in joining the movement, you can follow us on our social-media platforms. Instagram & Facebook as: @TheFigureBombshell and Twitter as: @PSFWUganda.


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