Mbabazi clarifies on intimidation of his supporters

Go Forward and TDA presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has today morning clarified on issues concerning his supporters.

While addressing Press Conference at White Castle Hotel in Arua today, Mbabazi said intimidating his supporters has been a concern in the areas he has covered. Below is his press statement:

Amama Mbabazi addressing press today in Arua

Amama Mbabazi addressing press today in Arua

Amama Mbabazi: I with my colleagues here, have called the press this morning to clarify on a number of issues. I would like to start by thanking the people of Arua for showing up in large numbers yesterday. As members of The Democratic Alliance Uganda, we note with concern the intimidation of the people in the areas where I am scheduled to hold rallies.

This has been consistent since the Western region route and now it remains so in Northern region of Uganda. This in a way shows that our message is resonating with the people. In Arua yesterday, the population responded with a chant. “Orichiya? Oriyong” Loosely translated as “Are you afraid? No we are not afraid?” The outright attempts to buy people to not attend the rallies is deplorable. This attitude damages democracy.

I would like to appeal to elements within the State machinery to stop intimidating the people of Uganda. It does not augur well for them. I also implore that they do not waste taxpayers money in the unhealthy habit of buying citizens. Question from journalist (Daniel Amure): Woman MP of Kole has been saying that you called Northerners monkeys Amama:

I would also like to address the issues raised by the Woman MP of Kole. It is untrue that I have had a loose conversation with her where I referred to people as “monkeys”. Obviously she does not know me. I am not ready to enter that terrain not even in jest. We are discussing principles of governance in this campaign not individuals. Question from journalist: Please respond to the accusations about the mismanagement of PRDP funds.

Amama: The matter was brought to my attention by the Permanent Secretary then (Mr Bigirimana) and I invited him to call the IGG and it was that conversation that eventually led to the exposure of the problem in OPM.

A Prime Minister does not handle money allocated to his department. The PM is the leader of government business in parliament and he coordinates all government activities and functions as they are assigned by the President. A PM is not the Head of government.

Our constitution is clear about the roles of public office with all executive power vested in the President. Finally, We look forward to Gulu today and we hope to see you members of the press in Gulu.

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