Mahmood Mamdani Vs Stella Nyanzi!! my opinion – Frank Gashumba

Social media is the mirror to Ugandans, if you want to study Ugandans, read what they post on social media. Now the rift between Prof.Mahmood Mamdani and Dr. Stella Nyanzi has reached to the level were some Ugandans are no longer looking at the subject they are now judging Prof. Mamdani basing on his colour, most of them don’t know that he is a Ugandan Citizen and even if he was a foreigner. Mamdani is a highly respected and a celebrated scholar ranking number 9 on the Global, hurrying insults and obscenities at him won’t change his CV. The disagreement between this two scholars emanates from Dr.Stella refusing to teach and according to Mamdani, Dr.Stella is supposed to teach for 3 hours every week.

Mahmood Mamdani
Mahmood Mamdani

Surprisingly those are attacking his ethnic background are Ugandans in the diaspora carrying passports of the countries where they live (Green cards) and those in Uganda attacking him is the same category of people who wake up everyday to go to Embassies looking for Green pastures.
Who buried the culture of reasoning in Uganda??? Racism springs from high level of ignorance, racism is not an Opinion, its an offense. Don’t judge Mamdani by his hair, his skin, Judge him basing on the facts he presented to us. This man has been quiet for like 4 days, when his side of the story started circulating to all media houses, now Ugandans are not debating his side of the story but they are debating his colour. Racism is garbage, kindly don’t recycle it. Burn it!! Racism is the Refugee of ignorants.
Those of you who have read Dr. Stella’s post on Facebook and those who have watched her media clips circulating all over show that this lady is a Butabika candidate to me. She urgently needs medical help. No sane person can use such language. Initially i had sympathized with her but her thereafter actions are subject to mental investigation. As they investigate Prof. Mamdani, Butabika Hospital too should investigate her mental standing!

Stella Nyanzi
Stella Nyanzi

The world’s number one (USA) is being governed by a Black man with a funny name Barrack Obama but we peasants, the “Pit latrine generation” instead of contributing to the development of our Country, we are discussing Racism. As we are busy discussing this, the Chinese are in Uganda signing contracts in the whole Africa.
Some of you have posted on my wall saying i am Not a principled, Yes i change with facts and an opinion will never be a fact. Some of you have said you have lost my respect in reference to Mamdani and Stella’s feud. Now i ask you, when did i ever beg for your respect in the first place or if at all your respect matters to me anyways. If the answer is No, take that respect and use it in to yourself or your Primitive WhatsApp groups.

Frank Gashumba wants Nyanzi to be taken to Butabika Hospital
Frank Gashumba wants Stella Nyanzi to be taken to Butabika Hospital for mental check up

Finally our true nationality is mankind and our true race is human, as Frank Gashumba i have intensive hatred for discrimination based on colour, no one chooses his ethnic background.
What is your opinion? And in this fracas who losses more?
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