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M7 gives Mackay Church Nateete UGX 1bn as Beti Kamya heaps praises on Bryan White

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has contributed UGX 1billion towards completion of Mackay Church of Uganda (Martyrs Church) Nateete. The president made contribution as the chief guest at the Thanksgiving for Kampala Minister Hon. Beti Olive Namisango Kamya at the above church.

At the function, Beti was giving thanks for her ministerial post as well as celebrating 85th birthday for her mum and Fundraising for the completion of Mackay Church Nateete.

The minister later invited Bryan White Foundation boss, Bryan White and heaped praises on the fight against poverty activist. “Mr President this Bryan you see went to Luzira and found the condition so terrible, he changed everything and left the place as a nice,” Beti said. Bryan White contributed UGX 8m at the fundraising and UGX 15m for the preparations of the function

She praised him for the continued effort to awake the youths from poverty. Bryan advised the youths to work hard and avoid alcohol, drugs and engaging in sexual activities all the time.

Below is the president’s full speech at the function;

“I attended the thanksgiving service for Hon Beti Kamya, which also doubled as the 85th birthday celebration for her mother, Margaret Kamya. The function also served as a fundraiser for Mackay Martyrs Church in Wakaliga, Nateete.

On the question of urban crime, I want to assure Ugandans that this spate of abductions and murders will be defeated. Just like we defeated Kony, cattle rustling and terrorism, we shall defeat this recent spate of organised crime.

For example, we have arrested the criminals who were behind the abduction and murder of the young lady Susan Magara. We shall arrest anyone who is involved in these crimes and bring them to book.

These crimes are partly happening because of population explosion especially in urban areas. The government is committed to the installation of closed circuit camera surveillance systems in towns and on streets to help in the fight against urban crime.

I urge Christians to contribute generously to the church project which will serve as a monument in commemoration of Alexander Mackay, who played a big part in introducing Christianity to Uganda. I will also make my contribution. Religious sites should be treated the same way as historical installations.

I urge the clergy to join government in preaching the gospel against household poverty. Teach your congregations to work hard to eradicate poverty. Hoping for miraculous wealth instead of hard work is dangerous.

I also stopped at Kitunzi Zone Market area in Lungujja, Nateete and addressed the residents. My call to them is to vote leaders who are committed to implementing national development goals. I will give Shs20m to Kitunzi Market Women’s Group Sacco,” M7 said.

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