KIU wins inaugural Black Bell Beer Olympics

KIU wins inaugural Black Bell Beer Olympics

Kampala International University (KIU) shrugged off a late surge from Kyambogo University to emerge champions of the inaugural Black Bell Beer Olympics that concluded on Saturday November 18, 2017.

Having earlier on humbled Makerere University (MUK) at their own turf, the Kansanga based boys were at it again; this time giving the Kyambogo team a lecture on beer pong, checkers and target shooting.

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Playing before their fans, the Kyambogo team gave it their all and almost won the tournament save for a few unforced errors. In the end, second place was good enough for them and with it a cash prize of UGX700,000 as well as an assortment of Black Bell freebies.

The Mukono based Uganda Christian University (UCU) also put in a spirited performance but had to settle for third place and a cash prize of UGX500,000 along with Black Bell goodies.

KIU who took charge of the inaugural tournament right from the onset were almost flawless. Their team of five, accompanied by a few fans never at one time gave into any form of intimidation from the home fans.

As the games concluded and the table showed KIU had cemented its position as the toast of the inaugural Beer Olympics, the team erupted into jubilations as the home team looked on with envy. They were rewarded with UGX1million and will also be given a mega Black Bell party at a venue of their choice.

“We knew what we had to do. The plan was to concentrate on the game and not give in to the noise from the crowd. We shall sit down with the team later on and plan for this cash,” said XXXXX, the team captain.

Paul Rwandekeye, the Innovations Manager at Uganda Breweries Limited said that the inaugural Black Bell Beer Olympics was very successful as it gave campusers the chance to interact with colleagues in an informal setting.

“Our promise is that next edition will even be bigger and more exciting. We are hopeful that more institutions will pick interest and join this event,” he said.

Makerere University Business School (MUBS) maintained its position at the bottom of the table while MUK only just managed to finish above them. In any tournament, the two would have been relegated but being a Black Bell event, there are no rules.

The games played during the beer Olympics were Beer Pong, Beer Checkers and the Shooting Challenge game. Beer pong is a drinking game of shots. It is just like table tennis, but with no rackets. All the teams have to do is bounce a ping pong ball across a table into a mug of beer at the other end. Every shot that drops into the mug is consumed by the team that took the shot. The winner is determined by the number of mugs consumed from the opponent’s side.

Beer checkers is like the ordinary game of checkers, but with beer mugs. In the shooting challenge game, participants take turns shooting at the board. Every target that falls, means points.

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