Kampala hottie Quin Mona thongs out boobs and thighs

Kampala hottie Quin Mona thongs out boobs and thighs

‘Cheers to the men we love and those we de-tooth.. May they never meet’

Far be it from me to provide commentary on Quin Mona’s free style. She is slowly taking over as the most talked about socialite in Kampala. Her latest pictures are a bombshell and can leave any man with scrotal eruption in the south of Limpopo.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

We have seen a number of women showing off boobs through the years and I am perhaps Uganda’s most experienced booby hottie tracker. So, some credentials I suppose.

Therein I might add, latest social media bombshell Quin Mona who has today produced amazing pictures and accompanied them with these words ‘Cheers to the men we love and those we de-tooth?? May they never meet’

Now, forget about the likes of Desire Luzinda, Winnie Nwagi, Sheebah Karungi because what Quin Mona perhaps lacks she has not unleashed real bikini pictures.

We need to see modeling her own suits on her own wet beach curves. Her female form may not be bikini model ready, but it’s surely fine for your hot woman next door look, not to mention rather giving in the nipple poking and lovely lady bits revealing department. It’s exciting to see how skin reveals work on sextastic civilians.

Mona’s boobtastic presses right through her top, her thong exposes a two to three handed squeeze worth of booty, and whatever that cut out is around her lady nest area, well, that may never be seen on store shelves, but it’s now engrained in my libido forever. So, silly, but four stars at the same time. Ogling is more art than science. Enjoy.

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